Handpan is a term for a group of musical instruments that are classified as a subset of the steelpan. Marc came to the BRECORDING studios, in Byron Bay and recorded his beautiful instrument with us. It is simply mesmerising.


We had a little bit of fun putting together the Podcast Pack for our sister company, BRHYTHMIC. Do you need an Intro & Outro for your podcast? Get in touch and we can create something completely unique, just for you!

How do we make music to create emotion?

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Why does popular music sound the same?

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Humpy Co.

The guys down at Humpy Co. in Bangalow groove to their own beat. Earthy, toe-tapping goodness in their Sonic Branding.


Kukukachu’s brand is bright, fun and full of life, so when we designed their Sonic Brand, the process was as uplifting as their song. Kick up your heels. It’s time to dance.