An earcon, sometimes referred to as audio tags are the fastest way for your customers to identify your brand. Sound is incredibly powerful because of the speed at which you can capture your audience’s attention and “cement” your brand in their mind. See what Gary Vee says about Sonic Branding.

The earcons for sale below are bespoke and completely unique to your brand and your brand only. That’s right, each earcon is 100% your company’s marketing asset. 100% performance rights are allocated to your organisation to the exclusions of all others. This means you can be sure that this sound is only heard with your brand.

For less than a gram of crappy coke, it’s worth putting your money towards something that will actually make you money and stay in the minds of your customers for years to come.

Bubble Earcon

Crack Earcon

Crash Earcon

Effect Earcon

Fly Earcon

Fresh Start Earcon

Haze Earcon

High Earcon

Ice Earcon

Iconic Earcon

Ink Earcon

Key Earcon

Move Earcon

Open Earcon

Ripple Earcon

Smokey Earcon

Strike Earcon

Swan Earcon